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Arsenal Ticket Exchange

The longest consecutive spell in top flight football, the first English club to reach a UEFA Champions league final, the only to team to go an entire season in the Premier League without being defeated, twelve FA cups, thirteen league titles - Arsenal Football Club are a perennial powerhouse of English and European football.

Formed in Woolwich, South East London in 1886 by employees from the Royal Arsenal (hence their nickname The Gunners), Arsenal FC moved to Highbury, North London in 1914, before relocating half a mile down the road to the spectacular Emirates Stadium in 2006.

Initially success was hard to come by, but when Herbert Chapman took over in 1925 he set the club on a path to success that continues to this day. Chapman's Arsenal won their first major trophy, the FA cup in 1930. This was swiftly followed by two league titles in a row. And so began a period of dominance including 3 'doubles' - winning both the league and FA cup in the same season - that has made them consistently one of the mostfeared teams in Europe.

Currently managed by Arsene Wenger, Arsenal continue to be a club always in contention for the top honours, remarkably only finishing below first or second place in the league 3 times in his first 11 years in charge. In 2004 Wenger oversaw one of Arsenal's greatest triumphs - winning the Premier League with a group of players captained by Patrick Viera who came to be known as The Invincibles because they navigated the entire campaign without a single defeat - the only team to have achieved this feat in the Premier League. The team's numerous achievements has grown the fan base year on year resulting in a really high demand for a rather limited number of tickets available for home games. This shortage results in every Arsenal ticket exchange having a field day.

Recent triumphs include consecutive FA cups in 2014 and 2015, one of only three clubs to win the FA cup in consecutive years (although they had already achieved this feat once before in 2003 and 2004!).

Arsenal have a history of creating legends: From Cliff Bastian to Ian Wright to Thierry Henry (current record goal scorer for Arsenal) these are names that resonate with football fans across the globe and this trend looks set to continue with the likes of Alexi Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain currently tearing up the premier league. It is players like these as well as the club's almost unrivalled success for nearly 100 years that explains why you will find fans in Arsenal's famous red and white jerseys across the world, from London to China, from Islington to The Ivory Coast.


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