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6 Tips For A Great Camping Trip

Camping has been a favorite pastime for many people for as far back as we can remember. It is an excellent way to spend time outside in nature and enjoy all that our planet has to offer. General things to remember when going camping are packing the tent, planning for food and evaluating weather patterns and conditions. However, there are a few tips that are often overlooked, tips that can help you to maximize your camping experience. Here is some great info on how you can enjoy yourself out in nature.

First, what many people do not think about is the difficulty that can arise when trying to start a fire in the wild. Oftentimes, even if it has not recently rained, a high water table or winter thaw can cause the leaves or nearby woods sources to be too damp to start a fire. One trick to help you resolve this issue is to pack some dryer lint. Rather than throwing this away, save it as an excellent fire starter for your camping needs. Dryer lint is extremely flammable and is a free alternative to other fire starters.

Second, do your research. Researching the local area prior to arriving is essential. Not only can this help you decide what to do with your days, it can also be a useful resource in case of an emergency. If the weather becomes too difficult to deal with, you should know where to go if you have to abandon ship. Additionally, being familiar with nearby emergency services such as hospitals, police forces, and rescue teams can ensure that you feel safe during your camping trip.

Third, make sure you keep other campers in mind. Leaving your overnight lighting on or being too loud and disruptive when camping directly adjacent to others can cause major issues. One way to avoid this issue is to pack a timer for your lights that will automatically shut them off after an extended period of time. One of the most popular complaints that campers have is the disturbance of lights from nearby campsites.

Fourth, pack some sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of the most often overlooked camping items that can lead to some long term problems. Even people who dont burn easily can find themselves severely burned after being out in the sun all day. There is nothing that ruins a camping trip more quickly than a miserable camper with burnt skin and no additional protection. Any sport-rated sunscreen, particularly waterproof, will be a smart choice for even the most avid outdoorsman. This will ensure that you are always protected.

Fifth, make sure you pack some water and electrolytes. Campers often plan for the amount of water that they need to drink on a daily basis. What they fail to consider is that high amounts of physical activity and exposure to the elements means that they will most likely require even more water than normal.

Additionally, filtered water will be used for washing dishes, hands, cooking, and even brushing your teeth. Taking into account all of these uses it is important that you either pack the appropriate amount of water, or prepare iodine tablets to sanitize any water from a natural source.

Campgrounds often supply water, however, on the trail you will be required to find or provide your own source. Ensuring that you have pure, clean water during your camping trips is essential to ensure the prevention of serious illness.

Sixth, make sure you pack some fun things to do. One of the best things about camping is that you are out in the wild with no one else around. Consequently, if you do not plan accordingly, it can be really boring! For this reason, make sure you pack some fun things like corn hole boards, party games and anything else that you can use to entertain yourself. There are a ton of different types of portable games out there, so make sure you pack at least one of them in case you find yourself with nothing to do.

These 6 tips can help you to prepare for your next camping trip in a way that will ensure that you, your guests, and those around you will have the best time possible. Whether you are a veteran camper or new to the exhilarating activity, finding new ways to improve your experience will ensure that you are always prepared to have an excellent trip. If you think you have a good grasp on what it takes, get out there and start camping today.

Beer Pong Guide For Dummies

Do you miss playing that favorite drinking game that you enjoyed every weekend in college? Do you even remember what fun games you played in college? If you have ever been to a college party, backyard party or football tailgate, chances are youve played the game of beer pong. It is one of the most popular drinking and party games out there and will be for years to come. If you are new to the game or have never played before, here is an article that can serve as a beer pong guide for dummies.

In order to start a game of pong, you will need a few supplies. The first thing you need are some 16-ounce or 20-ounce plastic cups and some beer. You will want to fill all of the cups about a quarter of the way full with beer. Once that is done, you will want to arrange 10 cups in a triangular formation on each side of the table. You can use a kitchen table or picnic table, but it is recommended that you use an official beer pong table. If you dont have one, you can easily find your own beer pong table online or at a local store.

On top of the cups, beer and table, you will need some durable ping pong balls and some additional cups for water. The object of the game is to toss the balls back and forth at the opposing teams cups, so it is important that you use durable balls. Also, you want to have some cups with water in them, so you can wash the balls off before each turn. Beer pong balls can bounce off the table onto the floor, which can get them quite dirty. Use the water cups to make sure the balls are clean before tossing, so no one has to drink a cup of dirty beer.

To start the game, you will want to have at least 4 people, so you can have two teams of two people. Once you get going, each player takes turns throwing two balls at the opposite side of the table. The objective is to make them into the cups. When this happens, a cup is removed and consumed by the other team. The first team to eliminate all of the opposing cups will deemed the winner. Sounds easy, right?

The great thing about this game is that it can be played anywhere. There are so many portable tables out there that you can now bring your game of beer pong to any party. Beer pong has become incredibly popular at tailgate parties, backyard parties, college parties and all sorts of outdoor parties. If you have played before, you know how much fun it truly is. If you have never played and are looking to get involved, you can use some of the ideas above to help get you started.

Tailgate Partying In America

If you were lucky enough to grow up in America, you how awesome and unique this country can be. One of the greatest things about the United States it that there are millions of different things people do for fun and entertainment. One of the more popular things Americans take part in is rooting for professional sports teams. This can be done in a ton of different ways.

This country has a variety of different professional sports like football, baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball. If you know anything about these major pro sports in America, you know how popular the sport of tailgate partying has become. It is now a staple of the party scene and can be seen at the majority of pro and college sporting events across the country. Nowadays, it is difficult to image a sporting event in this country without people partying their faces off in the parking lot. This is a great way for people to get together, enjoy themselves and support their favorite team or school before any game or event.

Typically, this type of party involves drinking alcohol and grilling food. The idea itself started when people began socializing before their teams weekly home game. It is called tailgating because it normally took place around the tailgate of a truck or larger vehicle. The tailgate provides the perfect place to sit, eat some food and drink some beers with your friends. At the time, no one had any clue that this simple idea would spark a revolution and create an entire industry in the United States.

Tailgating has become so popular that millions of people do it every single weekend. It is most popular at NFL and NCAA football games, but has become huge at MLB baseball games, NHL hockey games, MLS soccer games and more. It is a fantastic way for avid fans to get together before the game, grill some food, drink some beers and have a blast with their fellow friends and fans. It is also a great way of socializing with those who share common interests.

One of the greatest things about tailgating is the party games that are involved. If you have ever been to one of these parties, you have definitely seen people playing a variety of different games. When adults get together to eat and drink, partying just happens. One of the best ways that adults party is by playing fun games to keep energy levels high. There are 3 very popular games in particular that you can see at every single tailgate party that takes place.

The first is flip cup. A fascinating game that involves at least 5-10 people and is easy for everyone to play. You simply have to chug a beer and flip a cup. It is that simple. Next is the game of cornhole. A cornhole game, also referred to as a tailgate toss game, involves throwing bean bags back forth at boards on the ground. It is really easy for anyone to pick up the rules. It is not normally a drinking game as it does not require alcohol, but it is a ton of fun when booze is involved! The last one is beer pong, quite possible the most popular party game ever. This game is all about tossing a ping pong ball at some cups on a table. It requires hand-eye coordination and some skill, but is still fun for anyone who plays.

If you have ever been to a tailgate, you have seen at least 2 of these games, but most likely all 3. Tailgate partying has become a great pastime in this country and can be seen at weekly events across the nation. We are lucky to live in such a great and unique country where strangers who share just a couple of common interests can get together and instantly become friends. If you have never experienced a tailgate party for yourself, get out there and try one out today.